Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all the GnomeMeeting fans!

As a small anecdote, I started coding on the current GnomeMeeting project on the 25th of december 2000, my oldest files in the source code are thus 2 years old.


I recently read the various news websites, and I read this about MandrakeSoft and its financial problems. If you are an happy GnomeMeeting user on Mandrake systems, and if you downloaded your ISO on the Internet, I suggest you to join the MandrakeClub and help them the best you can for their work on Free Software.

Miscellaneous news

Here is a summary of the latest GnomeMeeting news:

  • GnomeMeeting was recently added to Dropline Gnome thanks to the hard work of Alain Buret. You can find more information here. This is a very good news for Slackware users.
  • Several users complained of the JavaScript used in the new version of the website.

Slackware packages

Slackware packages are finally available for GnomeMeeting thanks to the work of Vincent. Thanks to Alain Buret who made Slackware packages too.

New Suse rpms

Stefan has updated the Suse rpms. They are available in the downloads section. They should fix GConf problems reported by some people installing GnomeMeeting for the first time. If you already have a GnomeMeeting working on Suse, you do not need to upgrade. Thanks Stefan!

GnomeMeeting 0.95

Development is continuing on GnomeMeeting. CVS has some interesting new features. It contains some bugfixes, but also support for dynamic jitter buffer, full internationalisation in the H.323 parts, and a new option to pass to the configure script to be able to compile GnomeMeeting without depending on the Gnome libraries. Development has been slow the last few days, but I will code new features soon like an improved druid helping to configure and test the devices, and also an improved Quicknet support.
It is also my birthday today :-)

ILS : DNS down

The provider removed the old IP associated with the DNS hosting * from the routing tables without modifying their DNS to make it resolve to the new IP. The conclusion is that, and my e-mail address are unavailable for a big part of the world.
Update:: The DNS server has been updated, if you still experience problems, you have to wait for your DNS servers to update the entry to the new IP.


Internationalisation was added in the H.323 and ILS parts of GnomeMeeting. You can check a GnomeMeeting session in Bulgarian here (thanks to Slavka for her patience during the tests and to Robert from Equivalence for his help):

- GnomeMeeting Bulgarian session

ALSA Freshrpms and Mandrake problems

Mandrake 9.0: When GnomeMeeting starts, ESD will start and try to erroneously open the video device. That prevents GM to reopen the video device after calls. The solution is to do an 'export ESD_NO_SPAWN=1' before launching GnomeMeeting.

GnomeMeeting 0.94.1 is out!!

Welcome on the new website! This new website was designed and coded by Cédric Valcke, thanks a lot Cédric!

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