Ekiga 3.2.0 available

This is a new stable update of of Ekiga.

Here is the list of major changes:

  • Better NAT support in case of Cone NAT
  • There is now only one H.263 plugin implementing both H.263 and
  • Allow several ALSA devices to have the same name
  • Added support for the G.722 audio codec: G.722 is a 16 kHz wideband
    audio codec advertised as HD Voice by the famous Polycom. It is a
    great boost in quality and interoperability
  • Added support for the CELT ultral-low delay audio codec: CELT delivers
    high quality audio at 32 kHz or 48 kHz, allowing to transmit music in
    high quality, with low delay and low bitrate
  • Added support for SIP dialog-info notifications: they allow displaying
    notifications of incoming calls in the roster. With software like
    kamailio or Asterisk, it allows being informed of incoming calls
    reaching your colleagues
  • Largely improved LDAP support: the OpenLDAP guys contributed several
    patches to provide state-of-the-art LDAP support in the Ekiga address
    book. The new code even supports authentication
  • Killed the gconf_test_age test, Ekiga can now finally work with
    badly installed GConf schemas
  • Better handling of multiple network interfaces with dynamic addition
    and removal
  • Added settings migration from Ekiga 2.0.x.
  • Improved Windows build
  • Other various fixes, cleanups, removal of deprecated symbols etc.
  • New translations: crh, or
  • New help translation: en_GB, eu
  • Updated many translations and help
  • Experimental features: Significant improvements in IPv6 support,
    Gstreamer audio and video capture support