Ekiga 3.00 aka "The Scheherazade release" available

After 1001 nights of coding, the Ekiga team is proud to present the latest incarnation of Ekiga!

Ekiga 3.0.0 is available for download at the usual location. More packages will be added later.

I would like to thank everyone who has participated in this release. Ekiga 3.0.0 is a major release in the sense that there are now major contributors without who there would not be so many features : Matthias Schneider, Julien Puydt, Jan Schampera have worked daily on Ekiga. Eugen Dedu has participated with Yannick Defais to the revival of the nightly precompiled snapshots. I would also like to thank Yannick Defais for his work on the WIKI, documentation, testing, ...

A complete revamping of Ekiga.net and its features is on its way.

Here is a summary of the new features. Only major features are listed here.

Graphical User Interface

  • New user interface with a buddy list
  • Accelerated video display (Unix: XVideo, Windows: DirectDraw)
  • Nice incoming call notifications
  • Easier configuration assistant
  • New quality meter in the status bar
  • Buddy list with extended status information
  • Displays network neighbours in the buddy list
  • Better keyboard shortcuts
  • Automatic account completion in the URL bar
  • New chat window
  • New address book supporting Evolution contacts, LDAP contacts and more
  • New account window allowing easier account creation
  • New call panel


  • H.263+
  • H.264
  • MPEG4
  • Framerate up to 30 FPS
  • Resolutions (up to 704x576) (at best it is DVD quality)
  • Audio and video codecs as plugins
  • Support for Intel IPP codecs

SIP Support

  • SIP/SIMPLE presence support
  • Line monitoring with software like Asterisk
  • Custom presence message support
  • Dynamic detection of network interfaces
  • Register/unregister accounts on interfaces going up and down
  • Better NAT traversal
  • SIP requests originated from a unique port
  • Support for several network interfaces at the same time (e.g. VPN and normal network)
  • Full SIP capabilties exchange for codecs (unique in the Open Source world)
  • SIP INFO DTMF support
  • Possibility to send SMS using the Ekiga Call Out account
  • Many compliance fixes

Hotplug Support

  • Hotplug support for audio and video devices (even when being in a call)
  • Hotplug support for network interfaces

For Developers and Packagers

  • Brand new Ekiga Engine, fully separated from the GUI and reusable in other projects
  • Reworked WIN32 build
  • Better autoconf support for OPAL