Ekiga 2.0.12 released

Ekiga 2.0.12 is available for download. You can find packages at the usual location. More packages will be added later.

Feel free to report all the bugs you hit on the mailing list.

Here is the list of changes:

  • Fixed GNOME independant build. (Vincent Luba)
  • Fixed potential deadlock due to mutexes being crossed. (Damien Sandras, #433852)
  • Fixed double popup occuring when changing the DTMF mode during a call. (Elaine Xiong from SUN, #485336)
  • Added back support for tooltips displayed in the statusbar. (Damien Sandras)
  • Fixed potential crash if gconfd is not running. (Damien Sandras, #498029)
  • Several translations updates.