Ekiga 2.0.4 released

Ekiga 2.0.4 is available for download. You can find packages at the usual location. More packages will be added when available.

The upgrade to the new release is recommended.

Here is the list of changes:


  • Fixed corruption due to real UTF-8 chars causing the config file not to be parsed correctly in the --disable-gnome and WIN32 releases.
    (Damien Sandras)
  • Fixed bug when introducing a new ekiga.net account
    through the druid which was ignored. (Damien Sandras)
  • Added "chat" to
    the context menu of the calls history component. (Jan Schampera,
  • URL bar entry gets focus and marked on Ctrl-L. (Jan
    Schampera, #342241)
  • Allow the connect button to take the focus.
    (Damien Sandras, #380040)
  • Prevent progress dialogs to be destroyed
    before the processing is finished. (Damien Sandras, #390359)
  • Do not
    stop displaying stats when rejecting an incoming call while a call is already
    active. Display the number of missed calls at the end of each call. (Damien
    Sandras, #369339)
  • Prevent an user without VoIP URL to be displayed
    with the VoIP URL from another user when browsing an LDAP directory. (Damien Sandras, #351951)
  • Fixed broken "Call Contact" menu item in the address
    book. (Damien Sandras, #390554)
  • Show the main window before presenting
    the alert explaining that Ekiga is already running. (Damien Sandras,
  • Fixed weird hotkey behaviour produced by popup-menus that
    were not updated when sensitivity was changed for the main menu. (Jan Schampera, #374189)
  • Allow most windows to be hidden using the ESC key. (Jan Schampera, #337494)

Devices Plugins :

  • Fixed possible crash on hangup with "Media patch thread not terminated" message using the SUN Audio plugin. (Brian Lu)
  • Fixed initialization of the SUN Audio plugin. (#361646, Brian Lu)
  • Fixed bad output sound with the ALSA plugin on some soundcards. (#358338, Stelian Pop)
  • Fixed possible crash when detecting video devices. (#376078, Damien Sandras)
  • Fixed possible crash using MJPEG/JPEG webcams. (Luc Saillard, #333311)
  • Fixed possible crash when detecting ALSA devices with incorrect permissions. (Damien Sandras, #328753)


  • Added auto-detection of the realm from the challenge response.(#359101, Damien Sandras)
  • Fixed possible crash due to race conditions while accessing the transactions dictionary. (#367982)
  • Only play the dial tone when receiving a "180 Ringing" response. Prevent the first 0.5 second of the received media stream from being cut off. (#365609 and #345765, Damien Sandras)
  • Prevent crash when receiving malformed response PDUs. (#379801, Damien Sandras)
  • Ignore RTP packets if the stream was established with a different codec than the one Ekiga is receiving. (Damien Sandras, #389988)
  • Added DNS based realm comparison as fallback to fix problems with broken SIP proxies. (Damien Sandras, #377346)
  • When several accounts are registered to the same services provider, use the default one among them (if any) as outgoing identity. (Damien Sandras, #371374)
  • Only use the default account as outgoing identity if it is enabled. (Damien Sandras, #361329)
  • Do not use new UDP ports when authenticating an INVITE. (Damien Sandras, #359971)

H.323 :

  • Fixed possible crash when doing H.323 calls. (#361765, #362480, #361680, Craig Southeren)

Misc :

  • Fixed RFC2833 DTMFs. (#347177, Hannes Friederich)
  • Keep the same listener interface on IP addresses change after a restart. (Damien Sandras)
  • Fixed possible crash using cached DNS information. (Damien Sandras, #364480)