Ekiga for 100 dollars

The following news was the traditional 1st April Fool! Ekiga will stay Open Source...

Ekiga 2.00 was released 2 weeks ago and the release went fine and was successful. However, after 5 years of work on the project, I begin feeling tired of it. Developing an Open Source project means making people happy, but it also means offering your time for free, and a big part of the users does not understand that. I am talking about those who criticized the new name, but were away when I asked for propositions of names which did not exist yet. I am also talking about those who are asking for new features, after 1 year of work on SIP, just like if we were paid to do this.

All those things make sick of Open Source development, so I decided to stop developing Open Source software and only work for money. Yes, I have to live, I am now married, and I have a family to feed.

Ekiga 2.2 will have SIP presence features and will be downloadable for 100 dollars. However, those of you who will susbscribe to the mailing list and show their support to the project will get a free version of the 2.2 release.