Ekiga 2.00 aka "The Oberoi Release" available!

After more than one year of work, Ekiga 2.00 is finally available. Ekiga is now the first Open Source software to support both SIP and H.323 in the same application. GnomeMeeting was already a pioneer among the Open Source Voice over IP softphones, and we hope that Ekiga will continue in this path.

Among the features, you can find:

  • Full SIP Support
  • Full H.323 Support
  • Audio and Video Support
  • Call Transfer (SIP and H.323)
  • Call Forwarding on Busy, No Answer, Always
  • Call Hold
  • DTMFs Support
  • Basic Instant Messaging
  • Ability to Register to Several SIP Accounts Simultaneously
  • Possibility to Use an Outbound Proxy (SIP) or a Gateway (H.323)
  • Message Waiting Indications (SIP)

Among the new features, you can find:

  • Better Audio Quality
  • Support for Wideband Codecs (16 kHz)
  • Echo Cancellation
  • Easier NAT traversal
  • Improved camera Support
  • Improved Video4Linux2 Support
  • DBUS Support

Finally, you can register a free SIP address at http://www.ekiga.net. It will allow you calling friends and family, or to find new friends through the online LDAP service. That service has been sponsored by OVH. It is still BETA.

Please refer to the FAQ to know how to test Ekiga.

Packages for main distributions will be uploaded soon, but sources are already available.

Please join us for the release party tomorrow, at 7pm, Brussels time, on irc.gnome.org, #ekiga.

I would like to thank my wife, Jonita, for supporting my work. I would also like to thank all people who have made that release possible. They are too numerous to list, but you know who you are!