Misc news

I haven't posted any news here since a long time because I have maintained my blog with mainly GnomeMeeting news. A lot happened to me in the last few weeks, I'm currently working for IT Optics, a Belgian Open Source consulting company.
Of course, I didn't stop working on GnomeMeeting and the future 1.00 release on which we are working hard already looks promising. There have been a few code cleanups, but new features have also been implemented. The CVS version supports for example plugins (amongst them there is a native ALSA plugin). The gatekeeper support has been improved, there is a quick access to speed dials (ie your prefered users) through the call menu. The addressbook has been improved. The configuration assistant has been rewritten. As you can see, a lot has been done and we need people to test the new features.
I will continue to update my blog regularly, but I will also continue posting news here when further development has been done.