GnomeMeeting PRO - Press Release - <b>1st April Fool</b>

2003-04-02 Update: It was of course the traditional

1st April Fools


We are proud to announce today the upcoming release of GnomeMeeting PRO. GnomeMeeting PRO is the successor of GnomeMeeting GPL supporting TCPA to secure your calls. GnomeMeeting PRO will be sold for only 50 USD and will offer new features compared to the old GnomeMeeting GPL version like Palladium support, enhanced and patented audio and video codecs, better code quality.
We decided to close the source code of GnomeMeeting because we think it is a good way to produce more secure software.
GnomeMeeting PRO will be released tomorrow, please come back to purchase the new version and discover our new commercial website, GnomeMeeting GPL will be discontinued in one month.