GnomeMeeting 0.94.0 and NAT/PAT routers

Several of you had problems with GnomeMeeting behind NAT. There were not many solutions : RSIP, Newnat patch (buggy with GnomeMeeting), Gatekeeper as a proxy.

GnomeMeeting 0.94 has been delayed of a few days because a new solution was found (thanks to Roger for the idea) : IP Translation.

You can choose in the GUI to enable or not IP Translation to the IP of the NAT/PAT router, you can also specify the IP to translate to. But if you register to, the ILS service will be used to determine the IP to use.

Thanks to that solution, port forwarding is enough to make GnomeMeeting work behind a NAT/PAT router. GnomeMeeting also supports now to change the used port ranges, it means that you can have several GnomeMeeting running at the same time behind a NAT/PAT router. The port for incoming connections is also registered to ILS, it means that whatever the port you are listening on, your callto URL doesn't change (for example, callto:// will always work when you are registered to ILS).