GnomeMeeting 0.93.1

GnomeMeeting 0.93.1 has been released. It has been packaged for all distributions. Suse packages are coming soon (0.93.0 remains available in the downloads for SUSE). It is a minor bugfix release. If you had no problems with 0.93.0, there is no need to upgrade, but if you had some crashes or freezes due to the artsd suspend code, then that release is for you!
Please don't forget to make use of the ILS directory, we are providing this service for free, don't hesitate to enable registering to If you enable registering to the ILS server in the preferences, you will be available at the URL callto:// for GnomeMeeting and Netmeeting users (for example, callto:// This will be your new VOIP contact address.