GnomeMeeting 0.92.1 ready!

GnomeMeeting 0.92.1 is available in the download section. Only sources are available till now, but binary packages will be available soon for distributions providing GNOME 2.0 binary packages.
This release requires that you install GNOME 2.0 libraries, but you do not need to run GNOME 2.0 if you prefer to keep GNOME 1.0, or use anything else. Matthias Marks (aka matti) made a list of minimal RPMs to install to compile GnomeMeeting on non-GNOME or non-GNOME 2.0 Redhat systems. It is available here.
The screenshots have been updated.

Changes since last release include:

-Ported to the new GNOME 2.0 platform (including Anti-Aliasing of the fonts and icons), with a rewrite of the preferences management code. (Damien)
- Reorganisation of the Preferences Window, and improved UI (Damien, with the ideas of Kenneth).
- New First Time Configuration Assistant (that helps to set the connection type, and adapt settings following that) (Damien, improvements by Miguel)
- Experimental Quicknet support (Roger and Damien)
- Improved Text Chat which supports smilies (Kenneth)
- Support for Call forwarding (Roger and Damien)
- New man page (Kilian)
- New gnomemeeting-config-tool script that could help people having problems with installing GConf schemas (Kenneth)
- Various minor fixes and lots of code rewrite (Damien)
- Support for new Audio Codecs (Damien)
- Better image quality when transmitting (no more green dots) (Derek, in the new OpenH323 version)