GnomeMeeting 0.84 aka "The FOSDEM Release"

GnomeMeeting 0.84 aka "The FOSDEM Release" has been released today. You can download it at the usual place (some packages are still missing). Please report all problems to the mailing list.
New features include:

- GnomeMeeting to GnomeMeeting text chat support
- New GUI and new icons thanks to Jakub Steiner aka jimmac
- Rewritten preferences dialog
- GConf support
- Instant apply of all the settings, even during calls
- New options
- Improved GateKeeper support
- Improved ILS browser
- ... (See Changelog)

The Links and Screenshots sections have been updated, the FAQ will be updated soon.
Please don't forget to enable registering on
You need the new version of the libraries found in the download section in order to be able to build GnomeMeeting.

27-02-02-Update for the Redhat RPMS:

There was a bug in earlier packaged versions of gconf. That bug could prevent the GnomeMeeting Redhat RPM to be installed properly on some systems. New RedHat RPMS have been uploaded, you can install the new Redhat RPM for GnomeMeeting, but you will also have to install the new GConf RPM that is provided in the download section. Thanks Alex!


Suse packages are available in the download section thanks to Stefan Bruens.