GnomeMeeting 0.12 available now!

GnomeMeeting 0.12 is available in the download section.
An experimental ILS directory has been setup by Paul Ashton on, you can register to this directory and meet GnomeMeeting users.
The FAQ has been updated by Raphael Pinilla.
New screenshots of the 0.12 version are available too.
Here are the changes for 0.12 (please read the full ChangeLog in the packages for more details) :

- H.323 Gatekeeper support,
- Several new options (jitter buffer, video bandwidth limitation, audio frames per packet, ...),
- Improved ILS support,
- New ILS browser,
- New status docklet that can be added to the Gnome panel or to the KDE systray,
- Devices auto-detection,
- New menu options,
- Popup display on incoming calls,
- Detachable video window, with integrated zoom (and interpolation of the image),
- Lots of internal improvements,
- New translations and bugfixes.