GnomeMeeting 0.11 has been released

You can download the binaries at the usual place (Mandrake RPMS coming soon into Cooker). The ChangeLog is too long to be listed here, but you will notice the following improvements :

* a quick access bar has been added to access some functions like
pausing the video or audio transmission among others,
* it is now possible to have a video preview mode permitting you to see the camera images without being in a connection,
* you will now be able to use a different device and a different mixer to record and play,
* code cleanups in GnomeMeeting and support for more webcams has been added into pwlib.

The CVS version of GnomeMeeting has other new features like gatekeeper support, silence detection can be enabled or disabled during calls, ...
Don't forget that there is a mailing list to ask questions.