Porting Ekiga to Gnome 3

If somebody wants to play and help porting Ekiga to GTK3, Damien Sandras has pushed his branch "ds-gtk3" to git.

It is currently non-functional, and aimed to developers.

Some of the goals are:

  • Simplification of the GUI (stuff non relevant to most users)
  • Code more simple to understand

Contact us here.

Ekiga 3.3.0 [UNSTABLE] available

12/21/2010, the internet.

This is the first unstable release of the upcoming 3.4 version of Ekiga. It is a major release, bringing several changes (bugs and protocol fixes, but not so much features and no security fix) since almost two years ago. It is not a replacement of the last stable release (3.2.7), but should be used by people having problems with the stable release (e.g. a pulse plugin plugin is included in this release) and by people who want to help ekiga.

While it has not received much testing, it works on developers machines, and the only known major regression (which should hopefully be fixed in the next unstable release) compared to the last stable release is that presence does not work reliably. Three additional regressions are known:

  • the fix "Use NAT ports instead of local ports for RTP, fixing many connection issues", added in the last stable release, is not included,
  • the fix for 16bpp mode, added in the last stable release, is not included either
  • and on Windows ekiga sometimes crashes on exit.

You can grab the Windows version here: 3.3.0 unstable release for Windows (20MB)

Ekiga 3.2.7 available

This is the seventh stable release of the 3.2 version of Ekiga.

This release is dedicated to kapetr, who helped tremendously to fix the important NAT ports bug.

UPDATE: Windows installer is ready, Packages for Fedora 13/12/11 are ready, more GNU/Linux packages will come soon...

Big news for this release:

  • Fix many connection issues (nat ports), see below
  • Fix major bug for windows uninstall
  • No windows-specific issue known, feel free to use it

Ekiga.org is now powered by Drupal!

In a continuous effort to improve our work flow and our communication with you, the users of Ekiga, we decided sometimes ago to move our main website, Ekiga.org, to a modern Content Management System.

This is a reality: Ekiga.org is now powered by Drupal.

Ekiga 3.2.6 available

The sixth release of Ekiga 3.2 is available. Please find hereunder the list of changes.

User-visible fixes:

  • Fixed crashes shown as assertion failed in /usr/include/ptlib/safecoll.h:813
  • Fixed crash when device list is empty or contains non-latin1 characters
  • Fixed crash when pressing shift-f10 (popup menu) in Preferences window
  • Fixed possible crash when garbage collecting REGISTER requests
  • Fixed possible segfault when receiving a NOTIFY
  • Fixed freeze by preventing SIP handlers retry timer from executing during destruction

Ekiga 3.2.5 available

The fifth release of Ekiga 3.2 is available. Please find hereunder the list of changes:

  • Fixed very low rate video transmission
  • Fixed possible crash in LDAP
  • Fixed possible crash in presence
  • Fixed simultaneous reads from different threads in jitter code
  • Fixed possible crash when idle
  • Fixed possible crash when accepting a call
  • Fixed possible deadlock in SIP handlers
  • Fixed possible freeze when calling out
  • Fixed URL displayed in the URI bar when calling out
  • Fixed crash when using G726-16 audio codec

Ekiga 3.2.4 available

This is the fourth stable update of Ekiga.

It contains a fix for invalid OPAL and PTLIB recommended versions.

Ekiga 3.2.3 available

This is the third stable update of Ekiga.

It contains a fix for invalid uris displayed in the main GUI.

Ekiga 3.2.2 available

This is the second stable update of Ekiga.

It contains a fix for a crash occuring during incoming calls.

Ekiga 3.2.1 available

This is the first stable update of Ekiga.

Here is the list of changes:

  • Fixed various crashes on shutdown
  • Fixed crash when opening preferences or assistant
  • Fixed crash when no account
  • Fixed SIP registration
  • Fixed DTMF mode for SIP endpoint
  • Migrate ekiga.net configuration from 3.0 to 3.2
  • Maintain window position on hiding/showing the main window
  • On some failed registration, do not show the unuseful
    RequestTerminated code, but the actual error
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